In Maladreni, Argolis, a village with rich history and full of aromas, colours and flavors of nature, my grandfather George Mavrogiannis started the family agricultural cultivation project in 1922. My father, Michalis Mavrogiannis, pioneered and in 1997 transformed our family farm, of approximately 1000 acres, into an organic farming unit, imparting to the next generations his respect and love for mother earth and his passion for pure and safe products.

By using those memories as a compass and acknowledging people's need for for products of high nutritional value, while taking care of the balance of the ecosystem, a personal vision of mine became a reality in 2006 with the founding of the company Biokarpos S.A. Our company, utilising the ant as its brand credential, as a natural evolution of the family farm, came to ensure and offer a wide variety of organic products of high quality standards, bringing more than 400 producers from Greece and other parts of the world to the consumers' table, while obtaining the strictest certifications.

The last 15 years, having my children join our vision with fresh ideas and love for science and nature, we are constantly expanding our variety, now offering a universal range of organic foods in both grocery and dry cargo products, dairy, etc.

By consistently serving our principles and values ​​all these years, we build relationships of trust with our partners, which give us the power to dream and evolve, while we always have the care of the "Earth that feeds us" as our main guide and the implementation of a responsible agricultural policy that respects the environment, the human being and all the animals that support our ecosystem.


George Mavrogiannis