Mother Earth that nurtured us from generation to generation, has taught us Respect, Gratitude, Balance and Contribution.

Respect towards nature and all her creatures.
Gratitude for everything that is wisely offered to us.
Balance of body and mind. Contribution to all.

1. What Organic Products are.

As Organic Products are defined those goods that come from the cultivation of the land without any use of chemical and toxic pesticides. The care of crops is conducted with natural methods, by enhancing and protecting the plants and the earth, without intervening in the natural life cycle of the organisms that support our effort. Our knowledge result from the experiences of the tranditional farmers in combination with modern scientific research.

2. The benefits of consuming organic food.

“Food to be your medicine, and medicine to be your food”

Respect towards the balance of the environment and the responsible cultivation of the earth is an imposed act of liability that we continuously support. Consequently, Mother Earth compensates us by offering us goods rich in nutritional and tasting value. The benefits of these are numerous and undeniable as they are rich in nutrients and vitamins, necessary for the shielding and well-being of the human body.

3. Organic farming is the keystone of BIOKARPOS.

Our goal is to offer clean, nutritious products, accessible to all. The process of cultivation, harvesting, control, packaging and distribution of our products, is aligned with our philosophy which constantly guides us all these years in order to achieve our goal. In this journey, we have two allies, firstly our partners who constitute the soul of the company and secondly modern scientific and technological means and methods in which we constantly invest in.